Ensign Nician Haro (PNPC)

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Ensign Nician Haro (PNPC) Empty Ensign Nician Haro (PNPC)

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Name: Nician Haro (PNPC)
Position: Head Nurse
Rank: Ensign

Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Bolian
Age: 25

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Color: None
Eye Color:Blue

Physical Description:
Nician has the distinctive bifurcating (cartilaginous) ridge running vertically along the center of his head and face, and partway down his chest. He is a dark, almost cobalt color and his bald head is accented with darker blue bands. He is average height and a little on the chubby side although still fit.

Spouse: NA
Children: NA
Father: Korvin Haro
Mother: Vado Haro
Brother(s): NA
Sister(s): Mitena Haro
Other Family:

General Overview: Nician is cooperative and extremely productive. He has great skill in group dynamics and are only happy when he is doing something useful. He is typically most happy when he is performing something beneficial to others. Which is why he chose the medical field.

He is highly outspoken and will often not keep his opinions to himself, although they are always offered in a non-offending sort of way.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Nician's strengths are his complete dedication and his ability to adapt quickly to many different situations. He works without complaint and will always offer opinions.

His weakness is his ability to be a little over-helpful, over-eager and a little bit over-friendly. Sometimes, people view his behavior as an insult or that he thinks they're stupid, when in fact it is just his nature to be friendly. Friendly is not always the way to handle every situation.

Ambitions: Nician's ambitions are always to be the best he can be no matter what he's doing.

Hobbies & Interests:
Nician is really interested in Vectorboarding and is actually quite good. Vecotrboarding was invented by the Bolians. It requires an object similar to a surfboard that flies. The rider clings to it with foot straps or magnetic boots. It is a test of balance and coordination.

Personal History: He was born on Bolarus IX to ordinary parents. His childhood was uneventful. When he showed an interest in Starfleet his parents encouraged him to go.

He has one younger sister.

Service Record
2386 - 2387 - Ensign
Head Nurse, USS Normandie

2387 - Present - Ensign
Head Nurse, USS Rhode Island, (Nova Class)

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