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Medical File for Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev Empty Medical File for Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev

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USS Rhode Island, Medical Bay
January 7, 2387
1500 hours


XO Shras ch’Gorev entered sickbay with a smile on his face. The antenna on his head spun in opposite circles, trying to take in the whole environment. “Hello in here?” he calls out, not seeing anyone immediately.

Dr. Fletcher McNeill stepped out of his office with a Padd in hand. “Ah, Commander ch’Gorev,” he said with a nod. “Thank you for coming. It is good to see you again.”

“No problem, no problem. It was a good suggestion that we go ahead and get this out of the way. I know you’ll be wanting full physicals on the entire crew and I’m here so might as well start with me. Where would you like me?” He rubbed his hands together and continued to smile stiffly. It seemed sincere, but a little forced almost as if his face wasn’t used to smiling.

Fletcher nodded and gestured towards one of the biobeds. “Please, have a seat,” he said as he collected his instruments. “Have you had any health difficulties or changes since your physical last year?” he asked as he opened his tricorder and began to scan him.

Shras took a seat on the bio bed and shook his head. “Nothing much seems to have changed. I haven’t had any injuries and I haven’t been ill. Not that we Andorians get ill often. As long as I watch what I eat. I don’t have any allergies to food or drugs.”

Fletcher nodded as he scanned the Andorian. “Your exoskeleton seems fine -- signs of a bit of chitin flaking. Let me know if that becomes annoying, but it should go away on its own.” He looked up at Shras and smiled. “Everything seems to be in working order, Commander. No issues with your antennae?”

“Mm.. I tend to get a little flaky every time I change positions. I believe it is caused by nerves. I have a lotion that I use that usually clears it up quickly. I will make sure to do so. Would you like to examine my antennae? I haven’t noticed any problems but it would make me feel better if you have a good look before you declare me fit for duty.” He leaned down a little and his antennae leaned forward as well, almost as if they were also waiting for Fletcher to make sure they were all right.

Fletcher nodded and quickly scanned the antennae before he put his tricorder down. “I’m going to do a reflex test and also a motion test, which will require me to move them,” he warned before reaching out and starting to manipulate the Andorian’s antennae. “Does any of this hurt or stretch more than usual?” he asked as he rotated one of the antennae slowly.

“No, no... everything seems normal. Be gentle Doc. Those are very sensitive,” it seemed to be a tease, but it fell a little short of its mark. “I’ve never met a doctor with such warm hands. Does that mean you have a cold heart?” he jokes, once again falling a little short of funny.

Fletcher tilted his head after a beat and laughed awkwardly, uncertain if the commander was joking, flirting, or worse: both. His comedic timing was far off, and if he was flirting, all the training in the world hadn’t prepared Fletcher for a flirty and awkward Andorian executive officer trying to flirt with Fletcher while he rubbed his antenna.

“Not as far as I know, Sir,” he said after a moment of pondering how to answer the XO. “And I’m always gentle,” he said with a nod as he finished slowly rotating Shras’ antennae. He let go and nodded. “Everything seems to be fine, and I’m glad to see there’s no flaking or rough skin. I know that can be a problem.”

“Well, thank you very much Doctor. Am I free to go?” He smiled that same stiff smile and went to get down off the biobed.

Fletcher nodded. “Yes, Sir,” he said. “You’re fit for duty. I will update your charts and send your updated fitness report to the Captain when she arrives.”

Shras winked and hopped down. “Thank you again, Doctor. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.” He straightened his uniform with several sharp tugs and headed for the doors.

Fletcher opened and closed his mouth for a moment. “Flirting and awkward. Oh, great.”


{{JP brought to you by Fletcher “They don’t pay me enough for this” McNeill and Shras “I have antennae!” ch’Gorev }}
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