Medical File for Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran

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Medical File for Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran Empty Medical File for Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran

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USS Rhode Island, Medical Bay
January 7, 2387
1700 hours


Rha walked into sickbay and looked around. “Heya Doc! I’m here for my stupid... I mean... I’m here for my physical.”

Fletcher looked up and raised his eyebrows. “Oh, Rha, perfect,” he said in a dry tone. “I was just thinking I needed fur stuffing for my blankets. Let me go get the razor.” He smirked at the Chief Petty Officer.

“You’re a bad man, Doc. A bad bad man,” the Caitian said with a grin. He headed for a biobed and hopped up on the end of it. “All right... come scan me with your scanner thingy.” He knew what it was called, but it delighted the big cat to tease Fletcher.

Fletcher rolled his eyes and reached over for his tricorder. “Now now,” he said. “No need for that.” He ran the scanner over Rha and looked down at his Padd. “Now it says here when you had your last physical you were having difficulty with both unusual shedding and static cling. Is that still happening? How is your fur?”

“It’s very soft, you want to touch it?” he winked at Fletcher. “I’ve been itching a lot. I think the ship is dry. I haven’t noticed any more shedding but things are still sticking to me and I shock myself on the controls all the time. I’ve been thinking of rubbing myself down with fabric softeners,” he joked, his whiskers twitching in humor.

Fletcher just shook his head and laughed. “I wouldn’t suggest the fabric softeners. With my luck, you’d pick something you’re horribly allergic to, and then we would have to shave you.” He smiled a little and then stepped up to the biobed. “I will need to inspect your fur and skin, though. Can you tell me where it itches the most?”

He held out his arms and showed Fletcher where most of the itching was happening. The skin under the soft fur was irritated and red, but was not infected in any way and it didn’t look like the big cat had any sort of parasite. “My tail itches too... do you want to look at my paws?”

Fletcher furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the skin Rha presented. “This isn’t an infection, but it’s very reactive. What have you been bathing with? Are you shampooing and conditioning your fur daily?” He nodded. “And yes, let me see your tail and paws, please.”

“I haven’t changed shampoos if that’s what you’re asking and I do condition everyday. Although, I do use a powered conditioner. It’s very popular on my planet.” He held out his four fingered paws, retracting his claws so there wouldn’t be any mishaps. The skin on his hands and feet was tough and unlike the skin of a human’s palm or foot. “Maybe the power is too drying for me... and I need to go back to the liquid “ His tail was definitely red and flaky.

Fletcher gently touched Rha’s paws and tail, especially focused on the flaking tail.

“I don’t like how this looks, Rha,” he said after a few moments of observation. “I’m going to give you a topical ointment I’d like you to use 10 minutes before bathing, and then a new conditioner for you to try. The ointment should help with the flakes and redness, and hopefully the conditioner will help with the static.”

“Thank you, Doc. I’ve been getting kinda worried about it. I hope this helps.”

Fletcher nods. “If you’re having problems you should be coming to me, Rha,” he says in a chiding voice. “My job is to take care of the crew, but I can’t fix problems if you don’t talk to me. You, of all Caitians, should know that if things get really bad with your fur, the first step to deal with it is to shave everything.”

“I know I know. I promise. All of this just started. I would have come to you sooner but we’ve all been busy changing assignments.”

Fletcher nods. “All right,” he says and tapped on his PADD for a moment. “I’ve sent the cream and conditioner specifications to you along with instructions. You can get them from any replicator. Do you have any questions?”

“I don’t Doc, thanks so much. I know this stuff will work.” He grinned and made a purring sound, his whiskers forward. “Are we all done, Doc? When ya want me to come back?”

Fletcher smiled and nodded. “In a week, please,” he says. “I’ll see how you are progressing and see if we have to go to a stronger treatment. Other than that, you’re fit for duty, Rha.”

The big Caitian hopped down off the biobed and held out a paw for shaking. “Thanks again, Doc! I’ll see you in a week.”

Fletcher shook the Caitian’s hand and nodded, shaking his head and making more notes on his PADD as Rha left. This was going to be an interesting assignment.


{{JP brought to you by Fletcher “Shave Happy” McNeill and Sh’Rhahl (Rha) “but it itches“ Rr’Vel’Ran}}
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