Mission 1 - Slow News Day

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Mission 1 - Slow News Day

Post  Virkov on Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:24 pm

Let's face it, not every day is fighting Romulans or battling the future's version of the bubonic plague in space.

Mission 1, "Slow News Day" will be one of those days. Standard operations aboard the ship, just a "day in the life" type of mission. I'm open to it being as long or short as people want it to be.

The setting will be the entire day of January 10, 2387, from the beginning of Alpha shift (0800 hours), to the end of Gamma shift (0800 hours the next morning). I'd like to use this first mission aboard the Rhode Island for in depth character interaction and character development.

Thoughts/Ideas? Voice them Smile

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