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Post  Verek on Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:19 am

29 years old
135 lbs
Phys: Stoic, Tall and thin, not very imposing but possessing the average strength of a Vulcan.
Father: Uvok
Mother: T'plan
Brother: Varok
Inherited the quiet thoughtful nature of his father. Some of his mother's personality when its required for Social gatherings or diplomatic functions.
Physically strong, and mentally adequate for a Vulcan his age. He has performed two mind melds both of which were successful. He is able to resist telepathy and read the emotional state of other telepaths. Other, non-Telepathic races are a bit trickier.
No great ambitions other than to be content and be useful. His skills are evolving to become a better leader. Starfleet has recognized this, and he is being looked at for more command posts in the science departments.

When not creating and maintaining orders in the areas he resides, he has found a new interest in Genetic botany, and is seen spending free time in the botany and science labs.

Verek grew up on Vulcan, with his brother Varok. Born to his father; Uvok, a quiet, contemplative and wise old man, and T'plan, his relatively younger, socialite, self-proclaimed social engineer mother. Verek, had always been the child who heeded his parents advice, while his brother was the rebellious and deviant son, who would often run away from home for days as a child, and as a young adult does not stay in contact as much as Verek would like.

Verek had always seen a unique beauty in the sciences, and excelled at math, biology, and physics as a child. It was his mother who encouraged Verek to do what he liked, while his father stepped back from influencing him, stoically and emotionally detached.

3 years in standard starfleet academy
2 additional years in SFA: Science Academy

5 Years: Science Officer at DS7
Recieved transfer orders to USS Rhode Island, as Assistant Chief Science Officer


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