Personnel File for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran

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Personnel File for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran Empty Personnel File for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran

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[Deck 7, Counselor's Office, USS Rhode Island]
[January 11, 2387]
[1300 HRS]

Chief Petty Officer Sh’Rhahl Rr’Vel’Ran cleared his throat; made sure his whiskers were in line and hit the door buzzer with a claw. He’d never really minded these visits. Mostly because he liked to talk. There was nothing tragic in his life either. His parents were still alive as well as his litter-mates. No one in his background had ever been abusive.

Eiri stood from behind his desk and tugged at the hem of his uniform. “Enter!” he called out and concentrated on the mind behind the door. It was confident and self-assured, almost happy-go-lucky. He was surprised. Most people didn’t enjoy or look forward to their psych evaluations.

When the door slid open Rha stepped though, ducking a little with a big grin on his face. “Heya Doc! Good to see you again. I never did come down and do one of these things while I was on the Normandie and my PADD says I’ve got an appointment. Do I sit over there?” He pointed to the couch and chairs.

Eiri nodded a little. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked when he could find his voice again. He’d forgotten how jovial the Chief could be. Without waiting for his order Eiri headed for the replicator.

“Sure! I’ll take some tea. Uh… how about some Vulcan spice tea with honey?”

Eiri smiled, the tea being one of his favorites as well. “Excellent choice. I can call you Rha, right? You can call me Eiri.”

“Oh good, that makes it a lot easier.” The big Caitian lay down on the couch and laced his clawed fingers behind his head. “Ah… this is a comfortable couch.” He swished his tail lazily back and forth.

Eiri returned with two cups of tea, setting one in front of Rha, on the low table and taking the other and sitting in one of the chairs. ‘So, how have you been? How do you feel?”

“Gonna start right in there, eh Doc?” he teased. “I feel good. New ship, new and old people. I like these smaller ships. Get to know the people better and I’m back on language duty too, which I really enjoy.”

“How has your mood been?” Eiri took a sip from his tea and looked at the big, black and white cat.

“Can’t complain, honestly. I’m excited to get going on this new boat.” The Caitian chuckled and removed his hands from behind his head long enough to rub them together before putting them back. “I’ve been itchy, which can make me a little grouchy sometimes, but the other Doc and I are working on that.”

“No problems with concentration? Are you able to focus on your duties?” Eiri set the cup of tea down and picked up his PADD, looking at it. Rha had no negative marks on his record and even a glowing letter of recommendation from the people the Caitian worked with at the training facility he came from.

Rha shook his head. “No, none of that. I’ve always been a good worker. I mean, I guess I can get distracted just as much as the next guy, but for the most part I don’t have any issues staying on task. I like my job. Some people think what I do is boring, but listening to space is actually pretty incredible.”

“So I guess I don’t have to ask how you like your job.” Eiri laughed a little, sipping his tea again.

The Caitian sat up on the couch and picked up his tea and sipped it as well. “Mmm… nah, I love my job. I’ve got good ears for it too.” Rha grinned, showing big, white teeth.

Eiri laughed again. “Do you see or hear things that I do not see or hear?”

Rha looked at the councilor like he had grown another head. “What? Oh! You’re asking if I’m crazy.” He chuckled. “No Doc, nothing like that and I don’t want to hurt myself or anyone else either. I don’t even like thinking about those things. I’d rather just let things slide then get in a fight or hurt someone else. You know me, I’m a pretty laid-back guy.”

For someone with all this self-confidence Eiri would usually consider them a possible unstable personality, but he’d worked with the Caitian too long to think that the large cat might be dangerous. He really was laid-back. Eiri had never seen the Chief raise a paw to anyone and had never heard him say a bad word about anyone either. Of course all of this could cover a deep seeded need for positive attention, but it didn’t seem like that either. Rha was simply telling the truth as he saw it. “So how have you been sleeping?’

“You know, there’s something we can talk about. Those bunks they got for us are just a little too small for me. I spend all night either cramped up or with my feet hanging off the end and I wake up with numb feet and stiff legs. Think we can do something about that? Sleeping like a rock though, just not very comfortably.”

Eiri raised a distinctively Vulcan eyebrow. “I will make sure to put that in my report so the Captain can see it. I can not imagine that sleeping like that is good for you.”

“Thanks Doc. Sucks to wake up and be all cramped up like that.”

“So what do you do in your free time to relax?” Eiri drained his tea and placed the empty cup back down on the table.

Rha scratched his stomach and grinned. “I read, and write poetry and listen to music.”

“I had no idea you were a poet.”

The Caitian laid his ears back a little in embarrassment. “Well, I’m not much of a poet but I like to do it. Helps me get my thoughts in order.”

“It’s good to have a hobby. I find people who have other things to do aside from work are better, more well-adjusted individuals.” Eiri set his PADD on the table and smiled at the Caitian. “You may return to duty. I would like to see you again next month, but I see no problems.”

Rha sat up and grinned. “That’s it? Well, thankee Doc. I’ll be back next month.” He rose and saluted Eiri before leaving the room.

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Personnel File for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran Empty Re: Personnel File for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran

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Evaluation for Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran
To: The Desk of Captian Holmes
From: The Office of Eiri Ashshy


I have evaluated Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran and found him to be a stable personality and a very motivated individual, although I do find myself concerned that he exhibited signs of over-confidence. It may lead to insubordination in the future and he should be monitored closely for behavioral inconsistencies. With careful supervision and observation any problems should be easily controlled.

His scores are as follows:
Es 7 Ego Strength Scale
L 4 Client "faking good"
Psychopathic Deviate 4 Social deviation, lack of acceptance of authority, and amorality. This scale can be thought of as a measure of disobedience.
A 2 Anxiety Scale
S 5 Improving upon K scale, "appearing excessively good"
SOD 4 Social Discomfort Scale
Hypomania 3 Elevated mood, accelerated speech and motor activity, irritability, flight of ideas, and brief periods of depression.
Depression 2 Characterized by poor morale, lack of hope in the future, and a general dissatisfaction with one's own life situation.
R 3 Repression Scale
Hypochondriasis 3 Neurotic concern over bodily functioning.

Average score 37/10 = 3.7 is not a score to cause concern at this moment. Patient should be monitored by future counseling sessions as well as close monitoring by his superiors.


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