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Lieutenant Commander Chewrath ch'Ghorev Empty Lieutenant Commander Chewrath ch'Ghorev

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Name: Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev
Position: Executive Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Andorian
Age: 32

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey

Physical Description:
Shras is not quite as tall as the average male Andorian and his frame is thin. His skin is light blue in color (blushes purple) and he has long, sliver hair, which he keeps in a tight braid. His antennae are back away from his forehead. Since Shras is a Chan his features are very delicate for a male.

Spouse: thaan - Lerth (dec), zhen - Usti, shen - Serq
Children: None
Father: chan - Ryrd, thaan - Slonn
Mother: zhen - Ieno, shen - Yeni
Other Family

Personality & Traits
General Overview:
Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev has what is often referred to as a stiff upper lip. He is very serious, but does put some effort into making himself personable. He is seriously lacking in sense of humor, not only in its delivery, but also in his comprehension of it. Every now and then he tries, usually with little to no degree of success.

Shras' career in Starfleet was almost ended with the loss of one of his life-mates. The rumor is that the three remaining members went their separate ways. A dedicated officer, Shras is reported to be not shy with his opinions. Unlike other Andorians, his family is not what he talks about and he will avoid the subject altogether, to the point that if pressed he can become angry.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Shras' strengths are his honesty and loyalty. He views duty as something that cannot be compromised and will serve a captain to the point of his loyalty being a weakness as well.

Ambitions: Shras' ambitions are something that he, himself has been struggling with. At one point he viewed himself as command material, but he has found that security and tactics serve his needs and his personality better.

Hobbies & Interests: In his off-time Shras is interested in reading, music, sports and chess. He prides himself on his knowledge of games and claims to know over a hundred different versions of chess. He also enjoys fencing and kharakom, a form of Andorian kickboxing. Even when a holodeck is not available, Shras will still find a way to continue to keep up on his exercise.

He reads a wide variety of material, mostly about the war of other cultures. He listens to Klingon opera, finding it fascinating, much to the chagrin of any roommates he might have.

Personal History:
Shras graduated from Starfleet Academy with tactical training. He was married when he was 19 in a traditional Andorian quad. He left Starfleet for a long time in order to start his family, as encouraged by his government, but returned when he was 35 with new dedication and completed the command training.

Shras' parents were often apart, leading to a varied childhood. Two of his family a zhen, Ieno, and a chan, Ryrd, are both members of Starfleet. Ieno is an instructor at Starfleet Academy and Ryrd is involved in Starfleet Command. His other parents are involved heavily in politics on Andoria.

Shras was named after Ambassador Shras Endilev, who was an Andorian representative of the United Federation of Planets at the Babel Conference in 2268 (no relation).

Service Record
Born 2341 - Ka'Thela, Andoria

2359-2365 - Cadet 4 to Lt Jg
Starfleet Academy, Earth

2365-2385 - Lt Jg - Lt Commander
Andorian Home Guard

2386-2386 - Lt Commander
First Officer, USS White Star (Nova Class)

2386-2386 - Lieutenant
Security Officer, USS Sagan, (Nova Class)

2386-2386 - Lieutenant
Security Officer, USS Normandie, (Insignia Class)

2386-2386 - Lieutenant
Chief Intelligence/Security Officer, USS Freya, (Cern Class)

2386-2387 - Lieutenant - Captain
Captain, USS Normandie, (Insignia Class)

2387 - Present - Captain - Lieutenant Commander
First Officer, USS Rhode Island, (Nova Class)

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