Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran (PNPC)

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Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran (PNPC) Empty Chief Petty Officer Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran (PNPC)

Post  Shras/Eiri on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:33 am

Name: Sh'Rhahl Rr'Vel'Ran (PNPC)
Position: Language Specialist
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Caitian
Age: 28

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Black and white
Eye Color: Green-grey

Physical Description: Sh'Rhahl's fur is white with black spots, much like a Terran snow leopard. His eyes are a green-gray in color and his tail is thick and short in comparison to other Caitians, hanging just a little past his knees. There is no tuft on the end, but the fur is thick giving his tail a rather club-like appearance. His ears are rounded, but tufted with black tips and a thick ruff of fur rings his neck and chin. One eye has a distinctively pronounced black ring around it and the other does not. This lends itself to giving him a rather comical look at times.

Spouse: NA
Children: NA
Father: Mr'Ril Rr'Vel'Ran
Mother: Hriss Rr'Vel'Ran
Brother(s): Sh'aow Rr'Vel'Ran
Sister(s): Mr'Owni Rr'Vel'Ran and P'Rang Rr'Vel'Ran
Other Family:

General Overview: Sh'Rhahl or just Rha has been curious since he was a kit. He has always had an interest in learning as much as possible about other cultures. Rha is calm, collected and strongly individualistic. He dislikes crowding, dirt, noise and commotion and can become very concerned for his coat. Unlike others of his species, Rha interest in other cultures has led him to adopt many Terran traditions and tastes. Rha will often use flirtatiousness as a form of humor.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Rha's strengths are his loyalty to Starfleet and his very sensitive ears and nose. Even though these are natural traits of his people Rha finds that as a language specialist his acute hearing makes it easier for him to distinguish subtle differences in languages.

Rha weakness is his overconfidence. He tends to be cocky and sure of himself to the point that it can sometimes lead to mistakes and over compensation.

Ambitions: Rha wishes to always do the best he can no matter what his rank or position. He is willing to move up ranks at his own pace, but he wants the best out of every situation which is not always possible.

Hobbies & Interests: Rha is fascinated with cultures and their many forms of entertainment. He has a rather impressive collection of plays and poetry from other cultures and enjoys many different type of music and literature.

Personal History: Rha was raised in a small familiar group outside of L'arrav. He found he had a gift for languages, which is not uncommon among his people. He was tutored at a young age by his own people, but it was never enough to satisfy his desire to learn more. When he was old enough he enlisted in Starfleet where he excelled at Xenolinguistics in basic training.

He has logged very little time in space, serving instead as an interpreter and as a teaching assistant in communications and language training.

Rha has never had a bond-mate, instead deciding that he is way to curious and flirtatious to settle on one mate, or one species, for that matter, a point of much contention between himself and his parents and sister, who are much more traditional in their views.

Service Record
2381-2382 - Enlisted
Training at the Bozeman Training Facility, Montana

2382-2386 - Petty Officer
Language Instructor, Bozeman Training Facility, Montana

2386-2386 - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Communications/Xenolinguistics Specialist, USS Wanderer, (Wallace Class)

2386-2387 - Chief Petty Officer
Chief of the Boat, USS Normandie, (Insignia Class)

2387 - Present - Chief Petty Officer
Language Specialist, USS Rhode Islande (Nova Class)

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