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Post  Galan tr'Delatham on Fri May 11, 2012 1:59 am

USS Rhode Island, Counselor's Office
January 12th, 2387
0930 HRS

The air seemed to be getting cooler and thinner by the second, but Galan knew that the life-support system was running at peak efficiency and that it was all in his mind. He was nervous about his appointment, though only a slightly lowered brow betrayed the intensity of his mood. However, unlike some people, he had no problems with expressing himself and putting on a show for the world around him, he just didn't like counselors. They were there to invade peoples privacy, and Galan was a very private man.

After a moment of gathering himself, he managed to put on a mask of detached stoicism that complimented his Vulcanoid features. Then he rang the door chime and folded his hands behind his back.

Eiri stood from behind his desk and pulled on the hem of his uniform. "Enter!" he called out and stepped out from behind his desk ready to greet his next appointment. He took a deep breath and concentrated for a moment on the mind behind the door and was surprised to find the exchange officer. He thought that he was going to have to run the Romulan down to get him to attend the appointment.

The hatchway that led to the counselor's room slid open, admitting Galan. As he stepped over the threshold, he scanned the room's decor before settling his silver eyes upon the counselor, whose looks caused him to pause for a second. Galan was use to seeing all different types of half-Vulcans by now, but he still didn't like them, and he always had to bite his tongue not to say anything rude to them.

The silver haired counselor smiled warmly and gestured to the chocolate colored furnishings. "Please have a seat. Galen, right? May I call you Galen. You can call me Eiri. Would you like something to drink?"

"I'd prefer if you'd address me by my rank or surname," Galan replied dryly, taking a seat. He hated when aliens used his first name. Hated. It. Ignoring Eiri's second question, Galan abruptly asked, "What species are you?"

Eiri raised a distinctly Vulcan eyebrow. "I am Vulcan on my father's side and Betazoid on my mother's. Would you like something to drink, Centurion?" he repeated. He stepped toward the replicator and ordered himself a cup of hot, Vulcan spiced tea.

"So...are you empathic and telepathic? Are you reading my mind now? I'd consider it rude, doctor, if you were," he pursued the topic before finally answering Eiri's question. "Ah, some honey tea would be nice just about now, but I don't drink the replicated kind."

Noting that they were not getting anywhere fast, Eiri cleared his throat. "I have a small teapot, warmer and honey if that would do, Centurion. And yes, I am empathic and telepathic and I would consider it rude as well, if I could help myself in any way. My abilities cannot be turned off like a switch. To distract myself from reading people's private thoughts I will often find and concentrate on my husband's mind."

He took his tea from the replicator and set it on the low table in the middle of the room and gathered supplies for a proper cup of tea also setting them on the low table and filling the teapot from the sink before returning to set it over the lit warmer.

Trying to set aside his discomfort with the fact Eiri still might be reading his mind, Centurion tr'Delatham said, "It sounds burdening."

Tendrils of steam from the teapot began to fill the air. Galan leaned forward to put his drink together himself. He noticed that the brand of tea was subpar and that the tea set was quaint looking, but he made himself smile thinly while he worked, putting some effort into concealing his dissatisfaction regardless of how futile it was.

"It was difficult at first, it took a lot of training and time." Eiri nodded and sat down. He let Galan make his own tea with no further assistance. "And what about you, Centurion? What do you occupy your time with?" The counselor leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs a PADD in his lap, his Vulcan features passive.

Galan paused mid-motion and appeared to mull over the question momentarily before replying. "My tea collection. I mix herbs and spices from around the galaxy to make unique blends, and collect kettles, teapots, tea cups, tea boxes, and, of course, information on different steeping methods and other such things. Back at home I grow my own herbs in my uncle's atrium."

"Oh! That sounds wonderful. I keep telling Ayan that I should get a hobby. I collect meditation devices, but that is not really a hobby. I mean I do study their uses, but I often find myself too occupied with scientific work to focus too much on it. So how have you felt lately? Mood? Are you able to concentrate?"

"I haven't had any real trouble concentrating, and my mood has been as good as it can be on a Federation ship," he said vaguely, trying to avoid an in depth conversation on the subject. He didn't think it'd take a telepath to figure out that a Romulan with any amount of pride wouldn't be happy serving as an exchange officer on a Federation ship.

"If you did have a problem who would you go to for help?" Eiri sat forward for a moment and took a sip of his own tea, putting it back down on the table when he was done and sitting back in the chair again.

"Ah, doctor..." Galan smiled briefly and took a sip of his own tea. "I am perfectly able to deal with any problems by myself."

Eiri smiled a little stiffly and nodded. "I see. And how are you sleeping, Centurion? Any dreams I should know about?" He seemed to be paying more attention to the PADD in his lap then he really was to Galan.

He shook his head. "No. No strange dreams. No restless nights." It's almost liberating when the colorful... happy... ryak'na Federation lights finally go off, he thought.

The silver haired counselor leaned forward again for another sip of his tea. He looked the Romulan over while he did so. Too bad the man was so hostile. Eiri was sure he had a lot of information he could teach everyone with a more generous personality, but the teacher seemed to abhor the students. "I know this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. Do you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or anyone else?"

Leaning back in his chair, Galan involuntarily frowned at the question. Memories of the days he struggled with his depression bubble to the surface of his mind, but he pushed them back down quickly and smiled. "I have no time for those kind of thoughts, doctor. Too much to do."

Eiri nodded. "It is good to keep your mind occupied. I believe that we are done here." He leaned forward and sat the PADD he'd been holding on the table and finished the last of his tea. "I would love to try some of you tea blends sometime. Maybe you would be willing to share the next time we meet. I would like to see you again in four to six weeks. I will set up an appointment and keep you informed. Thank you for coming in today. It was a pleasure to meet you. Do you have any questions or concerns for me before you leave?"

"Very well." Galan put down his barely touched drink as he stood up. "I'll bring a few of my tea blends, and some extra you can share with your husband if you enjoy them. You'll be the first aliens to taste them, perhaps your reactions will be entertaining. And no, no questions. Good day, doctor. " He forced another smile and turned around to leave.

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Personnel File for Centurion Galan tr'Delatham Empty Re: Personnel File for Centurion Galan tr'Delatham

Post  Shras/Eiri on Fri May 11, 2012 3:34 pm

Evaluation for Centurion Galan tr'Delatham
To: The Desk of Captian Holmes
From: The Office of Eiri Ashshy


I have evaluated Centurion Galan tr'Delatham and found him to be an interesting individual. Despite his self-confidence he also seems to hold a lot of hostility and lack of respect for the chain of command. This may lead to insubordination in the future and he should be monitored closely for behavioral inconsistencies. I recommend careful supervision.

His scores are as follows:
K 7 Defensiveness
F-K 5 Honesty of test responses/not faking good or bad.
OH 8 Over-Controlled Hostility Scale.
SOD 6 Social Discomfort Scale.
R 5 Repression Scale.
Depression 6 Characterized by poor morale, lack of hope in the future, and a general dissatisfaction with one's own life situation.
Psychopathic Deviate 7 Social deviation, lack of acceptance of authority, and amorality. This scale can be thought of as a measure of disobedience.
Paranoia 5 Paranoid symptoms such as suspiciousness, feelings of persecution, grandiose self-concepts, excessive sensitivity, and rigid attitudes.
Social Introversion 6 Tendency to withdraw from social contacts and responsibilities.
A 5 Anxiety Scale.

Average score 61/10 = 6.1 is a score we should be concerned with. Patient should be monitored with future counseling sessions as well as close monitoring by his superiors.

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